Been trying new things #amwriting #poetry #shortstories

Sorry I haven’t posted in a while. It’s been a fab and busy few months.

I’ve connected with many other writers this year – via blogs, a critique group, social media, online courses and a local course. 

These have all been invaluable for sharing and developing writing skills. There’s always something new to learn. It’s inspiring to interact with those who share a passion (obsession!) for writing.

On my local course I took the opportunity to temporarily venture away from working on short stories and flash fiction. Things that I’ve written lately include poetry, travel articles and a modern fairytale. I’ve never done any of these before and it was challenging and rewarding to try new things. 

I’m currently surrounded by drafts of short stories though! Need to summon the elusive ‘completer-finisher’ and get subbing these to magazines!

How is your writing going?


Busy #amwriting #shortstories

I’ve submitted two short stories to a magazine for women – one is 1000 words and the other is 2000. 

I’ve also entered a 100 word story competition on Blog About Writing. The closing date is 12th July, 2016, so still time for you to enter too!

I’m currently rewriting a 1000 word short story and drafting two others. All romances! ❤️