Onto the next projects! #amwriting #amediting

I’ve submitted my 1000 word short story to a magazine. Onto the next projects!

Rather than continuing with outlining my novel, I’ve decided to focus on revising and editing two of my other short stories.

One is a romance (3000 words) set in the Australian Outback. I completed this a few years ago and it’s been languishing in my filing cabinet. Time to polish it up for submission.

The other is a draft (currently around 1000 words) for a romance set on an italian island. This still needs a lot of work.

Excited to be progressing with both of these. Will keep you updated!


3 thoughts on “Onto the next projects! #amwriting #amediting

  1. Such honest writing, KJ. I’m editor-in-chief of Ripen the Page Magazine, and we’re currently accepting flash fiction (1000 words or less) for our June edition—to be published on June 20th. You mentioned you had a romance set in Italy and I feel that might be a good fit. To get acquainted with our magazine, visit us at http://ripenthepage.com. Submission deadline: June 10th. Format: double-spaced, MS document. Email: Linette@thepagereader.com. Cheers! ~Linette

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